Metro Art Screens Geoff McFetridge: Drawing a Life at Union Station

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On Friday, Feb. 23, Metro Art presents a special screening of Dan Covert’s documentary, Geoff McFetridge: Drawing a Life, hosted in the historic ticketing hall of Los Angeles’ iconic Union Station.

Delving into the life and work of acclaimed artist Geoff McFetridge (Art MFA 95), the award-winning film brings viewers on a journey to unravel the essence of a fulfilling life. McFetridge’s own emphasizes the balance of his roles as a father, ultramarathoner, and designer. In Geoff McFetridge: Drawing a Life, Covert provides an unprecedented glimpse into McFetridge’s vibrant world, crafting an intimate portrait of a man whose creations are steeped in intention and authenticity.

Drawing a Life is executive produced by Spike Jonze, an Academy Award-winning filmmaker who’s collaborated with McFetridge over the years.

Artist supporting back of a sculpture of a kneeling figure with car in the background
Still from Geoff McFetridge: Drawing a Life by Dan Covert. | Courtesy of Dress Code Films.

McFetridge, a prolific artist celebrated for his versatility, channels his passion across various mediums, including poetry, animation, graphics, textiles, and paintings. In 2019, he was awarded an AIGA Medal, the most distinguished honor in the design industry, but his extensive body of work has also been exhibited in galleries around the globe, including Louis Buhl in Detroit (2022), Gallery Target in Tokyo (2022), Cooper Cole in Toronto (2021), Half Gallery in New York (2021), V1 Gallery in Copenhagen (2020), and Blum and Poe in Los Angeles (2020).

Beyond the art world, McFetridge’s design prowess has left an indelible mark, with collaborations with renowned brands including Hermès, Vans, Undefeated, Patagonia, and Apple.

Following the screening, there will be a Q&A session with McFetridge, facilitated by writer Alissa Walker.

Watch the trailer for Geoff McFetridge: Drawing a Life below.

CalArts Wild Beast | Image by California Institute of the Arts
PUBLISHED BY Elizabeth McRae

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