Noah Lemelson’s Steampunk Trilogy Returns with ‘The Lioness and the Rat Queen’

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CalArts alum Noah Lemelson (Critical Studies MFA 19) returned with his latest work, The Lioness and the Rat Queen, the second novel in his steampunk-apocalyptic-noir trilogy. 

Released by Tiny Fox Press in August, The Lioness and the Rat Queen continues Lemelson’s literary journey following the success of his award-winning debut novel, The Sightless City, which secured first place in the OZMA Book Awards for Fantasy Fiction.

The Lioness and the Rat Queen finds the trilogy’s protagonist, Detective Marcel, in pursuit of Lazarus Roache, the corrupt tycoon seeking world domination. Marcel’s quest for vengeance leads him and his companions on a journey into the perilous and desolate expanse known as the Wastes. Compelled by formidable forces in the Wastes, Marcel finds himself forced to forge an alliance with the formidable “Lioness of Vastium,” an adversary harboring a personal vendetta against him.

Lemelson reflects on the evolution of his narrative and the ongoing journey of his characters. He explains, “The story started as one big book, before being split into a trilogy, so I always knew where they were headed. My first vision for this story was these four characters, around a campfire, hunting a single man. A big part of The Sightless City was setting up our ‘heroes’ …and laying the groundwork for this haphazard quest for revenge, so it’s fun to finally get to see them making their way (mishaps and all) through the Wastes.’

Based in Los Angeles, Lemelson also writes short stories in science fiction, fantasy, and surreal-horror genres. His work has been published in online magazines such as Space Squid, Literally Stories, Silver Blade and Allegory

The Lioness and the Rat Queen is available for purchase at bookstores everywhere.

CalArts Wild Beast | Image by California Institute of the Arts
PUBLISHED BY Elizabeth McRae

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