World Premiere of Al Sur de la Frontera at The Ford

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Al Sur de la Frontera—a celebration of communitas from the southern diaspora of the continent—takes place at The Ford amphitheater in Los Angeles on Friday (Oct. 6). Conceived by CalArts faculty Carmina Escobar (Music MFA 11), the night intertwines traditional and experimental music to bring highly original performances to the stage.

The program reflects the immigrant experience, celebrates communitas (the spirit of community and egalitarianism), and ritualistically invokes and explores border cultures.

The artist lineup includes music from the Sierra Zapoteca of Oaxaca with experimental arrangements; the Oaxacan LA-based Maqueos Music Oaxacan Brass Band; multidisciplinary artist Dorian Wood, indigenous trilingual Mixtec rapper Una Isu; Latina coloratura soprano Maria Elena Altany; Chicano “futuristic laser gangster bass” electronic musician Baseck; multi-instrumentalist and conductor Yulissa Maqueos; and the extreme vocals of interdisciplinary artist Escobar. 

Carmina Escobar stands outdoors in front of steps with hands raised, wearing a purple and orange outfit.
Carmina Escobar | Photo: Laura Pardo Photography

Al Sur de la Frontera meets the immigrant struggle with beauty, to show how we are strong, powerful, and united in our differences,” notes Escobar, who was born in Mexico City and is now based in LA. “My interest in combining traditional music with different music genres, artistic approaches, and different cultural backgrounds lies in the joyful experience of the unexpected, in the curiosity of what human communications can create when created in respectful loving interaction.”

A number of CalArtians join Escobar for the production. Al Sur de la Frontera is produced and directed by Boss Witch Productions, an artistic production company founded and led by queer and trans artists, co-directed by CalArts faculty and alumnx Madeline Falcone (Music MFA 13) and Escobar.

The artistic team also includes:

  • Josephine Shetty (Faculty and MFA 20): Associate Producer;
  • Karen Lofgren (MFA 00): Jewelry;
  • Raven Chacon (MFA 04), Timur Bekbosunov (MFA 08), Micaela Tobin (Faculty and MFA 14), and Daniela Lieja Quintanar (REDCAT Chief Curator and Deputy Director, Programs): members of the Boss Witch Productions Board of Directors Members

Al Sur de la Frontera is presented in English and Spanish without surtitles.

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PUBLISHED BY Christine N. Ziemba

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