Listen to the 31st Anniversary CalArts Jazz Recording

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After a two-year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CalArts Jazz CD project—recorded by students in the Jazz Studies Program and led by program director David Roitstein—returns with its 31st anniversary album. 

Traditionally recorded and engineered at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, California, the Jazz CDs feature a compilation of works written and performed by students of The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts. More from the CalArts Jazz CD Archive:

The process is open to everybody to submit new compositions, and a faculty committee selects the music with the goal of getting as many students into the studio as possible, representing the wide variety of interests of each year’s group. The studio time is an invaluable experience (all tracks are recorded live), and we get to document some extraordinary and eclectic musical directions. A large percentage of the music on this project would not usually be labelled “jazz” – this is just the way we want it! At CalArts, there are no boundaries or limitations on creative exploration, so enjoy traveling through the contrasting styles, inventive instrumentation, and fresh and adventurous sounds.

CalArts Jazz 2022 includes eight original tracks that were selected by a faculty committee. An integral facet of the annual recording is a collaboration with the Graphic Design Program for the album cover artwork. This year’s cover was designed by Elena Reyna Hernandez (Art BFA 23) and Dov Annuse (Art BFA 23). 

Below is the track and composer listing for CalArts Jazz 2022:

  • The Hang After: Greg Lewis (5:40)
  • Perpetual Moments: Nazariy Aleksandryants (4:04)
  • Free Improvisation (My Skin): Rachel Epperly, Michael Echaniz (5:29)
  • Maaya: Malvica Chopra (7:50)
  • Valle Verde: Zac Burgenbauch (7:18)
  • Never Unless: Takoda (3:44)
  • The Forest For The Trees: Zach Rosenstiehl (6:21)
  • The Chieftain: Angelo Velasquez (5:46)

The entire CD can be streamed and downloaded on the CalArts Jazz CD archive.

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PUBLISHED BY Taya Zoormandan

As digital content and social media producer, Taya enjoys lifting up the stories and accomplishments of CalArts' students, alums, and faculty. She fancies herself a visual artist but is really more of an overzealous collector of art supplies.

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